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» Summary of our company

The idea of Mercohispano started in 2003 as an initiative to link the Business Sector with the Spanish Speaking community of Northeastern Ohio .

Market research has shown that Hispanic origin consumers are highly sensitive to their cultural background, buying preferences are influenced significantly by a confidence factor. Product and services targeting this market, have shown strong success when directing their message in Spanish and with the proper cultural settings. The Hispanic population is 11% of the total US population and is becoming the largest US minority, projected to triplicate by 2050 (87.4 million). The current projected purchasing power of the Hispanic population is $580 billions for this year, expected to grow to

At the same time, wider sectors of our society agree that we need to acknowledge diversity to develop a more inclusive society. Mercohispano's message and structure is directed to addressing common issues and integrating these different needs within our society.

Mercohispano's goal is not only commercial, although it is a profitable endeavor, but also aspires to linking needs and resources between the Spanish speaking community, business sector and government and non-profit agencies, by making available a online multi-featured directory

Our marketing targets mainly these sectors, and although it has only recently launched online, it currently has an average of 20,000 page views a month.

During 2005 significant investment will be allocated to improving our system capabilities, as well as the management of our growing data base, to improve efficiencies and increase productivity in our marketing efforts.


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