Gobiernos de los Condados y sus Municipalidades
County and Municipality Governments

Listado por porcentaje de población hispana. Los condados con porcentajes más altos aparecen primero.
Listed by percentage of Hispanic population. Counties with higher percentage are listed first.

LORAIN (10.0 %)

WOOD (5.6 %)


DEFIANCE (9.9 %)

FRANKLIN (5.4 %)

CLARK (3.3 %)

SANDUSKY (9.9 %)

HANCOCK (5.4 %)

HAMILTON (3.3 %)

FULTON (8.8 %)

SENECA (5.1 %)

VAN WERT (3.2 %)

HENRY (7.7 %)

OTTAWA (5.1 %)

ALLEN (3.1 %)

LUCAS (7.1 %)

BUTLER (4.7 %)

MARION (2.6 %)

HURON (6.6 %)

PAULDING (4.6 %)


PUTNAM (6.2 %)

WILLIAMS (4.5 %)

WYANDOT (2.9 %)

CUYAHOGA (5.9 %)

ERIE (4.4 %)

WARREN (2.7 %)

MAHONING (5.9 %)

LAKE (4.3 %)

DELAWARE (2.6 %)

Ohio Population: 11,658,609 – Hispanic/Latino Population in Ohio: 443,300 (3.8 %)
(Source: US Census Bureau – Population Estimate for July 2017)

Condados con la mayor población de hispanos (latinos)
Counties with largest Hispanic/Latino Population

  1. Cuyahoga: 73,750
  2. Franklin: 62,400
  3. Lorain: 30,800
  4. Lucas: 30,600
  5. Hamilton: 26,900
  6. Summit: 11,900

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, County Population Estimates by Demographic Characteristics - Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin; updated annually for states and counties https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/oh. 2010 Census of Population and Housing for places; updated every 10 years https://www.census.gov/en.html


Latinos are NOT a Sleeping Giant

Latino voter registration is growing at a rate six times faster than the general population. Latino voter turnout is growing at a rate five times faster than the general population. Only ill-informed experts, Latinos and non-Latinos...

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Voter Registration - Frequently Asked Questions Download a Voter Registration Form

Does everyone who wants to vote in Ohio have to be registered to vote here?


How do I know whether I am qualified to register and to vote in Ohio?

You are qualified to register to vote in Ohio if you meet all the following requirements:

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Vote desde su Hogar (para los residentes de Cuyahoga County)

  • Es la forma más segura y conveniente de votar.
  • Evite tener que formar largas colas el día de las elecciones.
  • Haga click en solicitud de voto por correo, rellénela y envíela por correo a nuestra oficina.
  • Reciba su papeleta por correo, vote y devuélvala por correo a nuestra oficina.


Vote from Home (for Cuyahoga County Residents)

  • Is the safest and most convenient way to vote.
  • Avoids you having to stand in potentially longer lines at your polling location on Election Day
  • It’s a simple 2 Step Process:
    • Request your Vote-by-Mail Application by clicking on Vote-by-Mail Application
    • Receive your ballot in the mail, vote it, and return it to our office.

Para todos los otros condados / For all other counties

Haga click en / Click on https://www.ohiosos.gov/publications/#abr

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Justin Bibb

Former Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed joins Mayor Justin Bibb’s administration

Reed ran against Bibb in the 2021 mayoral primary but went on to endorse him in the general election against former City Council President Kevin Kelley...

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syndrome abortion

Justice Department backs Ohio Down syndrome abortion ban

The Justice Department sided with the state of Ohio on Wednesday on its legislation that outlaws physicians from performing abortions based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

In its filing, the federal government stated: "Nothing in Ohio’s law creates a substantial obstacle to women obtaining an abortion, and nothing in the Constitution or Supreme Court precedent requires States to ...

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